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  • Top Lessons for Airbnb & Hotels in the Share Economy

    As the share-economy gives the hospitality industry a run for its money, short-term rentals and hotels are in neck to neck competition. Here are top lessons both taken to adapt in the changing market, or ways they soon should. Airbnb Strategies When headlines callout Airbnb, they really mean all of them: HomeAway, VRBO, Flipkey, and […]


  • 3 Essential Tips Hotels Can Learn From Airbnb (and How to Adapt)

    It seems like the hotel industry is in constant head-to-head competition with Airbnb. And frequently, hotel managers try to rival the share-economy company by going through enormous expenses or reinventing the wheel. But before scheduling renovations for a fitness center and hiring yoga instructors simply to adapt to the wellness trend, hoteliers and hotel managers […]