You’re busy running a business, whether it’s specifying finishes for a client’s home, or teaching GM’s the latest property management software. You don’t have time to waste writing content for your blog or updating your subscribers with newsletters.

So let go of the hassle and allow me to assist!

As a content and copywriter for interior designers, hospitality, and tourism sectors, I work with hoteliers, property management firms, and travel agencies to deliver high-quality content that drives guests and clients to websites. 

With well-researched, content-driven articles and blog posts, I aim to captivate and entice guests to visit as well as inform them of their destination upon arrival.


  • Pitch ideas and concepts (if you’re struggling) based on editorial calendars, relevant trends and evergreen topics.

  • Research and write content for blog posts, magazine articles, and marketing. 

  • Format style requirements and outsource visually appealing photos per brand content guidelines.

  • Plus, I can upload content and photos straight onto your WordPress website.


Engaging yet informative copy, directed toward guests or business colleagues.

Keep them in the loop of latest trends, products, and promotions.


Basic package starts at 500-word weekly post, written with SEO-friendly keywords. 

Capable of searching for photographs or collaborating one-on-one with photographers. 



Many home-share rental agencies saturate the online market, and adding yours to the mix seems intimidating. Make certain it doesn’t get lost and instead leave your readers in a state of FOMO (fear of missing out). Beach bungalows, luxury cabins, urban apartments, you-name-it—allow me to lift the location and amenity details to turn your vacation rental into a destination.

Familiar Platforms: Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway

Clients: GlampingHub ~ content and property listings

Service Suggestions: Property listing description, Brochure, Blog, Website copy


From private sailboat charters to cross-Atlantic cruises—if the room floats, it’s still in my scope. I’ll make your audience long for the open water. 

And with two American Sailing Association courses under my belt (ASA 101 Keelboat Sailing and ASA 103 Coastal Cruising), I have more nautical knowledge than the average copywriter.

Familiar Platforms: Airbnb, Boatbound, Boatsetter

Written for: BetterBoat specifically pontoons

Service Suggestions: Listing Description, Blog, Website


When enticing guests to book accommodations, or come to a city, selling the destination and experiences is just as important—if not more so—as the room itself.

I’ve written for third party booking websites, presenting out-of-town guests with city guides and promoting local activities. 

Service Suggestion: Brochures, Blogs, City Guides 


Whether creating condominium sales brochures for realtors or a landing page copy for your resort’s website, it’s important to sell the destination as well as the experience.

At previous interior design firms, I have written copy for realtor marketing brochures of condominiums and boutique resorts.  

Service Suggestion: Brochure, Blog, Website, Landing Page, Press Releases


 Contact me for a custom quote!

It’s important for you to budget, and important for me to fit your needs. My rates are flexible and change based on required research, turnaround times, monthly packages, or ghostwriting services.

Eco-tourism is my preferred method of travel. On personal trips, I strive to support local artisans and destinations with sustainable practices. As an interior designer, I have designed for residential and commercial green buildings and have specified FF&E for a USGBC LEED Gold-Certified Hotel. I’m fully aware of the direct impact the hospitality industry has on our environment and the detailed steps we must take to preserve it.